Paulina Olowska Her Hauntology

Exhibition catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition of Paulina Olowska - Her Hauntology, Kistefos Museum, Norway (30 April - 16 October 2022).
Editors: Paulina Olowska & Kate Smith-Raabe
Publisher: Kistefos 
Her Hauntology explores the artist's own fertile exploration into Slavic mythology and imagery, the female gaze and the concept of Hauntology; which refers to the recurrence of elements from the social or cultural past as in the manner of a ghost or spectre.
Olowska's realist paintings, drawings, and collages use imagery from Eastern European and American popular culture creating cross-cultural reference and asserting Olowska's enduring position of reinterpreting modernism.


Paulina Olowska: Her Hauntology
£ 55.00