Paulina Olowska Pavilionesque Magazine III

Art & Theater Magazine 

Edition of 1200

Artistic Director: Paulina Olowska 

Editor-in-chief and coordinator: Joanna Trznadel

Graphic Design, DTP: Alicja Pismenko

Published by: Walker Art Center, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague & Razem Pamoja Fundation

Made on the occasion of the exhibition The Paradox of Stillness: Art, Object, and Performance at the Walker Art Center and Paulina Olowska’s guest teaching at The Studio of Visiting Artist at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. The magazine was supported by the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague within the Specific Research Programme 2020, financed by the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports.


Paulina Olowska: Pavilionesque Magazine III
£ 25.00