Claudio Parmiggiani news

Claudio Parmiggiani news

Image: On Fire curated by Bruno Corà

On Fire curated by Bruno Corà

Claudio Parmiggiani
Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice
22 April - 24 July 2022

The exhibition On Fire, curated by Bruno Corà, brings together some of the most iconic works either made with fire, or that include the presence of flames. Naturally fleeting, with no form, weight or density, fire has always fascinated artists, both for its potential effects on other materials and as an active presence in works of art.

Image: The Axis of the World

The Axis of the World

Claudio Parmiggiani
Houghton Hall, Norfolk, UK

Simon Lee Gallery is proud to announce The Axis of the World, a permanent installation at Houghton Hall by Italian artist Claudio Parmiggiani. 

The Axis of the World is a column made from Ombra di Caravaggio marble, anchored in the garden of the 18th century Palladian house. This seemingly infinite pillar penetrates the Earth, piercing its core, while simultaneously climbing over 16 metres in height to touch the sky, caressing the sun and the clouds during the day and embracing the moon and the stars at night. It represents an eternal column that connects the World and the Cosmos, Earth and Heaven; in the artist’s words, ‘A twisting tower, a work that raises high, that aspires to great heights, spinning around itself in its ascent without end’.

Image: Claudio Parmiggiani: Dematerialization

Claudio Parmiggiani: Dematerialization

Frist Art Museum, Nashville, Tennessee
2 February - 5 May 2019

The Frist Art Museum presents Claudio Parmiggiani: Dematerialization, the artist’s first solo institutional exhibition in the United States. Opening Saturday 2 February 2019, the show continues until 5 May. 

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