Art Basel: Public Sector Special Performance featuring Jim Shaw and the band D'red D'warf

SoundScape Park, Miami Beach, FL
Wednesday 6 December, 8-9 PM

A special evening performance featuring Jim Shaw and the band D'red D'warf performing the loosely defined first half of a prog rock opera, as part of the Public sector at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Progressive rock operas were popular in the late 1960s and 70s. Shaw conceived a prog rock opera over a decade ago as a way to elucidate the mythology of his fictional religion, Oism. Now titled The Rinse Cycle after Wagner's set of operas, it consists of four movements of music revolving around two births and four apocalypses. Shaw and the band D'red D'warf perform the first two movements of the opera that combines written music with improvisation, prehistoric chanting, and spoken-word, accompanied by visuals made by the artists specifically for the performance.

Presented with the supoprt of Blum & Poe, Metro Pictures, and Simon Lee Gallery.

Please note this event is free to the public.