Clare Woods included in the Royal Academy's auction for Ukraine

Clare Woods
Royal Academy of Arts (RA)
28 January 2023
Don’t miss Clare Wood’s work Hazy, 2023, which will be part of The Natalia Cola Foundation’s live auction and dinner to benefit The National Academy of Arts of Ukraine (NAAU) in Kyiv.
Taking place at the Royal Academy of Arts (RA) on 28th January, this auction will include a diverse range of artworks donated by Royal Academicians, Ukrainian Academicians and many more. 
100% of funds raised will be donated directly to the NAAU.
The paintings of Clare Woods RA (b. 1972, Southampton, UK) are essentially concerned with sculpting an image in paint, and expressing the strangeness of an object. Originally trained as a sculptor, much of Woods’ work is an exploration of physical form. This understanding of sculptural language and a preoccupation with forms in space, translated into two-dimensional images, underpins her pictorial practice. Many of Woods’ paintings emerge from a preoccupation with the human figure and are an exploration of themes of fragility, vulnerability, mortality and disability associated with the human condition. The artist’s portraits seek to portray the delicate border that exists between sickness and health, cruelty and humanity, and ultimately life and death. In Hazy, 2023 Clare Woods addresses fear through an obscured composition in which she manipulates dark pigments to construct an abstruse portrait a young man. Woods further compounds these themes through the title of the work which means unclear or uncertain.