MOCA x andSons Chocolatiers introduce a new limited series!

Marnie Weber

Benefiting the museum’s mission to support the art of our time, MOCA has created a series of collectible boxes featuring their world-renowned collection.

The inaugural release features The Spirit Bear by Marnie Weber.

A leading figure in Los Angeles’s art scene, Marnie Weber creates artworks of strange, sometimes unsettling beauty, often drawing from obscure cultural histories. The Spirit Bear is a lifesize sculpture of a bear who stands upright, unfazed by its costume of party hat, breastplate, skirt, and sword.

This unusual beast speaks to Weber’s facility with creating fantastical, dreamlike narratives, often in the context of large multi-media installations incorporating elaborate sets, costumes, sculptures, collage, and video. Weber’s animal sculptures, with their evocation of taxidermy (they are made using traditional taxidermy molds), nod to 19th-century Spiritualist beliefs about humans’ capacity to communicate with deceased spirits.

Presented as a 24 piece chocolate box containing our signature classic and modern confections, this unique experience offers a memorable combination of contemporary art and chocolate.