Unreal Paradise: Collage Works from 1992-2022

Marnie Weber
Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
17 February – 26 March 2022

This survey exhibition of collage work spans 30 years and features Marnie Weber’s resplendent, uncanny worlds that conflate the imagined and the sentimental. Tenaciously realized, her mixed-media collages are carefully staged and colorized dreamscapes inhabited by a wondrous roster of anthropomorphs and archetypes. Unreal Paradise takes us on a journey through absurd landscapes with the allure of desire, magic, and loss.

The art of collage is a fundamental part of Weber’s studio practice. Known for her carnivalesque stage performances and installations, collage drives her creative exploration both as a unique end and as a catalyst, propelling narratives throughout her wide-reaching practice. Her use of collage and mixed-media approaches are influenced by Dada and Surrealist expressions, 1980s California punk and performance art, as well as spiritualist and folkloric traditions.