Moriyama – Tomatsu: Tokyo

Daido Moriyama
Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France
19 May - 24 October 2021

The MEP is pleased to present a major exhibition bringing together two great masters of post-war Japanese photography.

The Moriyama - Tomatsu: Tokyo exhibition was conceived by artists Daido Moriyama and Shomei Tomatsu - before the latter's death in 2012 - as a way to celebrate their city around a first artistic collaboration.

Conceived jointly by the MEP, Daido Moriyama and Ms. Yasuko Tomatsu, and with the collaboration of Akio Nagasawa, Moriyama - Tomatsu: Tokyo is the realization of a historic project that has never seen the light of day until then, and constitutes the first major exhibition of the work of Shomei Tomatsu in Paris.

On the two main floors of the MEP - the 2nd floor will be devoted to Tomatsu, the 3rd to Moriyama - the exhibition will present more than 400 works, most of which for the first time in Paris.

This exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated catalog published by Akio Nagasawa Publishing , with a text by Simon Baker and new translations of major texts by photographers Daido Moriyama and Shomei Tomatsu.