Eric N. Mack is awarded the 2021-2022 Rome Prize

Erin N. Mack

Congratulations to Eric N. Mack on being awarded the 2021-2022 Rome Prize! 

This year, the gift of “time and space to think and work” was awarded to thirty-five American and five Italian artists and scholars.  Award recipients will be headed to the Eternal City this  September to begin their fellowship. 

The fellowship award  includes a stipend, workspace, and room-and-board at the Academy’s historic 11-acre campus on the Gianicolo in Rome. The Academy, a storied overseas research and arts institution domestically headquartered in New York City, was first established in 1894 under the leadership of architect Charles McKim of McKim, Mead & White. (The firm designed the Academy’s landmark main building, completed in 1914.)