You’ll find your peace with me

João Penalva
Mudam Luxembourg & Online
10.6.21 and 11.6.21, 15h to 18h

The shortest horror story ever written was published in a 1948 issue of the American
science fiction magazine Thrilling Wonder Stories by Frederic Brown, and is only two
lines long: ‘The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock at the door.’
Despite the 20th century ushering in the Anthropocene, anxieties about humanity’s
vulnerability to the non-human world are a consistent fixture of contemporary cultural

You’ll find your peace with me is a screening programme of videos from the Mudam
collection, organized to accompany Enfin Seules. Photographs from the Archive of
Modern Conflict. Reacting to the exhibition’s presentation of a natural world devoid of
human presence, the screening programme features works in which landscape has
been mediated by humans attempting to grapple with fears of alienation, insignificance
and powerlessness—rendering the natural world unnatural in order to understand and
control it. The phrase ‘You’ll find your peace with me’ is taken from a piece of music
sung in Sven Johne’s Wissower Klinken (Cliffs of Wissow), 2007, in honour of a nature
enthusiast who was crushed to death by rocks falling from his favourite cliff-side vista.
This project is conceived in line with Mudam’s aim to make contemporary art accessible,
even when Covid-19-related restrictions inhibit musem visits. Inspired by similar
online video screening programmes presented by institutions and platforms such as the
New Museum, Centre Pompidou, Smithsonian Museums, Performa and many others,
You’ll find your peace with me will be available on the Mudam website as a series of individual

videos works and will be featured in a screening event in the Mudam auditorium
in Summer 2021. The presentation will be accompanied by curatorial texts.