Decameron Halloween TV Special hosted by Red Bull Arts

Marnie Weber
@redbullarts IGTV
30 October 2020

DecameronTV gets spooky with a series of “Halloween Specials,” bringing together five artists whose practices both commemorate and complicate the spirit of the Allhallowtide season. The artists use ghosts, monsters, costumes and the uncanny as strategies to remember the faithful and unfaithful departed, disinterring themes of family, colonialism, camp, and terror. Participating artists include Charlie Mai, Kembra Pfahler, Marnie Weber, Bri Williams, and Kandis Williams

Featuring Marnie Weber's film, The Night of Forevermore, 2012.  A film with a stage set done in the style of a tableau vivant, with characters that seem to spring from the Middle Ages in the style of Hieronymus Bosch. Weber plays the old witch who is indoctrinating a young witch, played by Weber’s daughter, Colette Shaw, into the mystical ways of the coven. Hell is represented in the daughter’s bedroom as a tableau reminiscent of Fuseli’s, “The Nightmare.” Purgatory is a large scale stage-set with many strange creatures among which Weber rides the devil and kisses the devil’s ass. The executioner welcomes the young witch into ‘heaven,’ which is a crack den filled with forlorn imprisoned characters, yet is beautiful and full of light.