France-Lise McGurn
Kunsthaus Centre d'art Pasquart
19 September - 22 November 2020

The multiple sources which McGurn refers to in the initial stages of her work most recently include films of the 70s and 80s, fashion illustration, advertising, pop stars and glamour photography. The generic features of the figures, accentuated by their repetition across the wall paintings, conveys a sense of intimacy or familiarity open to multiple readings. She also is inspired by people she encounters, studying their movements, mannerisms and hand gestures.

France-Lise McGurn’s paintings are made with oil, acrylic, spray paint and marker. Their subject is predominantly the female figure, depicted in multiple, often overtly sexual poses that play with image, identity and desire. At once remote and intimate, inviting and aloof, they imply relationships to one another and challenge or flirt with the viewer. Their abandon and energy are heightened by the vivaciousness and fluid movement of McGurn’s drawing, as well as the contrast between the sensual illustration style in which the figures are depicted and the gestural abstract areas of pastel or chemical looking colours. This pictorial strategy allows the figures their essential ambiguity: although highly contemporary, they resemble classical archetypes or recall familiar styles such as the boyish poise of figures from the Art Deco period.