The Musical Brain

Mai-Thu Perret
Various locations on the High Line, New York
April, 2020

The Musical Brain is a group exhibition that reflects on the power music has to bring us together. The exhibition is named after a short story by the Argentine contemporary writer César Aira, and explores the ways that artists use music as a tool to inhabit and understand the world. The featured artists approach music through different lenses—historical, political, performative, and playful—to create new installations and soundscapes installed throughout the park.

The artists in this exhibition, among them Mai-Thu Perret, listen closely to the sonic world and explore the different temporal, sculptural, social, and historical dimensions of the ways we make music, and the ways we listen. They wonder what stories discarded objects tell when played, what happens when a railway spike becomes a bell, and how the youth of our generation sing out warnings to save our planet. They remind us that music is a powerful tool for communication, especially in times when spoken language fails us. The sonic brings us together to celebrate, protest, mark the passage of time, and simply be together.

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Installation view: Mai-Thu Perret: Grammar and Glamour, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe 2019

Photo: Stephan Baumann, bild_raum