Objects Recognized in Flashes

Josephine Pryde
Mumok, Vienna, Autria
16 November, 2019 - 13 April, 2020

Objects Recognized in Flashes is the title of a group exhibition focusing on approaches to the surfaces of photographs, products, and bodies in a greatly digitalized society. As the interface between optics and object, these seductive and ambiguous surfaces make relations between aesthetics, imagination, and material seem highly dubious, as also are the economies that underlie these relations.

Objects Recognized in Flashes is not a typical exhibition on a theme, but an exhibition project conducted in close cooperation with the artists Michele Abeles, Annette Kelm, Josephine Pryde, and Eileen Quinlan, who are actively and broadly involved in the final planning and selection of works. By providing plenty of space for the primarily photographic work of these four artists, the questions posed above can be considered in detail both within the logic of an individual artistic work and as the interplay of different artistic approaches.

Curated by Matthias Michalka

Installation view: Objects Recognized in Flashes, Michele Abeles, Annette Kelm, Josephine Pryde, Eileen Quinlan. Works by Michele Abeles, Eileen Quinlan, Michele Abeles

Photo credit: Klaus Pichler © mumok