Eric N. Mack: In austerity, stripped from its support and worn as a sarong

Eric N. Mack
The Power Station, Dallas, TX
25 October - 13 December, 2019

The compositions of Eric N. Mack are gleaned from the wardrobe. The support (a body) is absent. Materials are configured to linger in space. Collaged textiles are arranged with balletic precision. Aspirational forms emanate. Arrangements are irrational and tentative. Choreographed elements are grafted into space and suspend from architecture. Billowing assemblages are accessed from a range of perspectives, around and under sewn silhouettes. The X, Y, Z axis distorts into forms of expression, violating systems of symmetry. Flattened panels of varied pattern and texture create collapsible volumes. The material palette is holed, dyed, manipulated, sometimes painted onto. Its utility function temporarily drained. Not quite painting or sculpture, the artwork is radically transient. The compositions pirouette out from the rectilinear constraints of painting into a space of auxiliary. 

Fabric panels fuse together with raw, unfinished connection points. Seam lines mimic the hand of a drawing. The deconstructed is reconstructed. A body is framed within a diaphanous lens, retreating behind opaque fragments. We reimagine bodies cloaked in Mack’s swathes of fabric. Textiles that might offer protection or privacy, here, conduit to the interstitial space of a hallucinatory architecture or move between swatches on a stylist’s mood board. The materials retain their use value. The human frame is stripped, unclad, exposed, absent, no longer veiled in the work by material, yet fully embodied.

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