Marnie Weber & Justin John Greene, Exhibition Walkthrough with Dean Kissick and Paige K. Bradley

Marnie Weber & Justin John Greene
Simon Lee Gallery, New York
Tuesday 29 October, 7:30 PM

On the occasion of Marnie Weber and Justin John Greene’s exhibition at Simon Lee Gallery New York, we are pleased to invite you to a Hallowe’en walkthrough with your docents for the evening: writer Dean Kissick and artist and writer Paige K. Bradley.

Too many shows these days are allowed to pass into that good night, sans recognition or echo from the chorus. We say no more! Journey uptown for an evening of deep iconographic contemplation and excavation of the clues and crumbs in these paintings, which may guide us towards the new folklore, pagan rituals, and ghosts—among other specters—that haunt us, but perhaps more importantly haunt Los Angeles, a city at the dark heart of the 21st-century American gothic. And really what is art about, if not worship of powers we can’t control, a chilling sense of unease, and the conspiracy that hides in plain sight as we recklessly speed by it?

Image: Justin John Greene, The Righteous, 2019