Keiji Uematsu: Films and Videos 1970–1976

Keiji Uematsu
Simon Lee Gallery, New York
25 April, 2019

To coincide with the exhibition of Simon Lee Gallery, New York, Invisible Force, there will be a film screening of the artist’s work, on 25 April. Please see further details below.

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Image: Keiji Uematsu, Stone/Rope/Man II, 1974

Keiji Uematsu: Films and Videos 1970–1976
25 April 2019, 7–9pm, Simon Lee Gallery, New York
Organised by Collaborative Cataloguing Japan (CCJ).
In conjunction with Keiji Uematsu’s current exhibition Invisible Force, the screening program illustrates Uematsu’s exploration of the conceptual practices in the field of moving image. Simon Lee Gallery is delighted to collaborate with CCJ in introducing these works, which were digitized by The National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo, as part of their research initiative.

PROGRAM (49:37 total)
1.            23.5, 1970, 8mm transferred to video, 4:20
2.            Earth Point Project—Mirror, 1972, 8mm transferred to video, 9:40
3.            Image of Image—Seeing, 1973, video, 12:29
4.            Articulation, 1974, 8mm transferred to video, 12:35
5.            Action—Stone, Nail, String, Light, 1976, video, 10:33