Paulina Olowska
Presented by the Art Institute of Chicago, IL

The Art Institute of Chicago proudly presents Iterations, a series of new performance commissions that underline the wide range of artistic practices and attitudes in performance today. Unfolding as an iterative exhibition over the course of three years, starting in 2019 and continuing in 2020 and 2021, and taking place in different durations and in various spaces across the museum, including exhibition and collection galleries, interstitial spaces, and theaters.  

New works by Alexandra Bachzetsis, Math Bass, Cevdet Erek, Ralph Lemon, Paulina Olowska, Cally Spooner, and Evelyn T. Wang—anchored in choreography, sound art, spoken word performance, installation, music, and gesture and movement research—explore how performance practice is situated in the context of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Dates for 2019 have been announced, however the exact dates for 2020 and 2021 are to be confirmed. We can confirm that Paulina Olowska will be amongst those featured in the programme.

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Installation View: Paulina Olowska, Pavilionesque, a performance at Silencio, Paris, 2015

Photography: Bene Karyotis