Twisted Refrain: The Work of Marnie Weber

Marnie Weber
Pasadena City College, CA
19 February - 12 April, 2019

Marnie Weber’s centralizing embrace of the societal fringe mimics our globalized reassessment of the dominant point of view, debunking the old norm for a new model where the previously peripheral moves to center stage. Her world of freaky side-show circus characters, runaway waifs and mobile home denizens are counter-culture oddities recast as empowered models of defiantly capable heroes, or at least battered survivors. Unabashedly narrative in nature, these works maneuver like familiar storybook legends and fairy tale lore, insinuating themselves into our subconscious soup of primal fears and childhood nightmares. At first seeming to be eccentric cast-offs, these damaged personages soon reveal themselves to be stand-ins for us, fragile yet resilient, emotionally vulnerable human beings of merit and worth in search of acceptance and security. Through these surrogate misfits, we find compassion for ourselves.

In addition to her exhibition in the PCC Gallery, Marnie Weber will spend the week of March 18-22, 2019 on campus, during which time she will present a public lecture and meet with PCC students in the classroom.

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Film still: © Marnie Weber, A Western Song, 2007

Pasadena ArtNight Reception: Friday 8 March, 6-10pm
Artist in Residence lecture (7-8pm) and Reception (8-9pm): Monday 18 March
Closing Reception/gift presented to the college: Friday 22 March, 12-1pm