Image: France-Lise McGurn: Aloud, The exposé
London  20 December 2022 - 14 January 2023

France-Lise McGurn: Aloud, The exposé

Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to present France-Lise McGurn's installation Aloud, The exposé, on view from 20 December 2022 - 14 January 2023.

Composed of a wooden frame and painted Perspex panels, McGurn’s characteristically fluid figures are all the more dynamic when presented across transparent screens, appearing to reach, lean and leap through the air. The outline of faces, torsos and limbs traverse painterly swathes of colour to form a narrativedefying ensemble of figures, crested by glowing neons.

Image: Winston Branch: Jasmines blowing in the wind
London  22 November 2022 - 14 January 2023

Winston Branch: Jasmines blowing in the wind

Simon Lee Gallery and Varvara Roza Galleries are pleased to announce Jasmines blowing in the winda solo exhibition of paintings by Winston Branch. For his inaugural exhibition with the gallery and his first in the UK in 25 years, Branch will present a selection of historic works that delve into the possibilities of painting through abstraction.

Image: Sonia Boyce: Just for the Record
London  12 October - 16 December 2022

Sonia Boyce: Just for the Record

Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present Just for the Record, Sonia Boyce OBE RA’s inaugural solo exhibition at the gallery. On view from 12 October – 16 December 2022, the exhibition coincides with Boyce’s Cork Street Banners commission which will be unveiled on 13 October 2022.

Image: Kristy M Chan: Binge
London  12 October - 12 November 2022

Kristy M Chan: Binge

Simon Lee Gallery and The Artist Room are delighted to announce a collaborative solo exhibition of new paintings by Kristy M Chan (b. 1997, Hong Kong). On view from 12 October - 12 November 2022, Binge will take place across both galleries’ locations. 
Image: April Bey: I Believe in Why I'm Here
London  1 September - 1 October 2022

April Bey: I Believe in Why I'm Here

April Bey’s first solo exhibition in Europe, I Believe in Why I’m Here, introduces us to the world of Atlantica, created by the artist over thirty years. The gallery is completely transformed into a magical environment exploding with vibrant life that welcomes and empowers anyone that visits
Image: Machines of Desire
London  21 July - 24 August 2022

Machines of Desire

Curated by Emilia Yin and Kat Sapera, the group exhibition Machines of Desire pursues the idea of “the desire machine” as a metaphor for the transcendent, glitch-triggering effect that art in the modern era can engender. With a focus on both historical and contemporary artists whose works play with and complicate familiar aesthetic languages and functions, Machines of Desire seeks to encourage a reading of art as a mode of contemporary mythology or folklore, a space where shared documents of memory metamorphose into forms previously unrealised.  

Machines of Desire opens at Simon Lee Gallery in London and Hong Kong on the 21st July and runs to the 24th August (London) / 10th September (Hong Kong). 
Image: Valentina Liernur: PINTURAS GRISES
London  9 June - 9 July 2022

Valentina Liernur: PINTURAS GRISES

Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to present PINTURAS GRISES, an exhibition of new works by Valentina Liernur. For the artist’s second exhibition with the gallery and debut solo exhibition in London, Liernur continues her exploration of quotidian city life through a series of seemingly monochromatic figurative paintings that depict everyday life through the surreptitious gaze.

Image: Michelangelo Pistoletto
London  26 May - 16 July 2022

Michelangelo Pistoletto

Simon Lee Gallery is proud to announce a solo exhibition of new and recent works by Michelangelo Pistoletto. For his fifth exhibition at the gallery, the artist presents a series of mirror paintings that reflect on themes of captivity, isolation and restriction at a fractured moment in contemporary history.

Image: Georg Karl Pfahler
London  13 April - 21 May 2022

Georg Karl Pfahler

Simon Lee Gallery is proud to announce German painter Georg Karl Pfahler’s inaugural presentation in London, a comprehensive survey of defining works from throughout the artist’s career. The exhibition showcases a collection of paintings and works on paper that celebrate the legacy of Germany’s first Hard Edge painter.

Pfahler developed his mature style in 1958 with his first series, Formativ. However, it was not until 1962 that Pfahler began incorporating his signature block-like forms alongside crisply defined areas of colour that embody his first Hard Edge paintings. These features epitomise his subsequent series, including Metro, West-Ost-Transit, Espan and Fra Firenze, all represented in this exhibition.

Image: Garth Weiser
London  4 March - 9 April 2022

Garth Weiser

Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Garth Weiser, the artist’s fourth presentation with the gallery. 

Garth Weiser’s practice has been dominated predominately by abstract imagery but in recent works Weiser fuses abstraction and figuration. Weiser layers gestural impastoed paint, ordered geometry, and disembodied figurative forms. Using a variety of devices such as tape, exacto blades and shipping nets he disrupts, interrupts and cuts into the various layers partially revealing the printed imagery underneath. The resulting painting surfaces feel scarred and sculptural.  He creates a surface that is at once controlled and free with images flickering in and out of recognition.  By employing this method of addition and subtraction, Weiser’s works underline his fascination with the evolution of painting.  

Image: Donna Huddleston: In Person
London  21 January - 26 February 2022

Donna Huddleston: In Person

Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to announce Donna Huddleston: In Person. For her inaugural exhibition with the gallery, the artist presents new works on paper that explore themes of doubles, stand ins and performance.  

Image: Angela Bulloch: Rainbow Unicorn Rhombus
London  19 November 2021 - 15 January 2022

Angela Bulloch: Rainbow Unicorn Rhombus

Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to present Rainbow Unicorn Rhombus, an exhibition of new and recent works by Angela Bulloch, preceding a major exhibition at the Musée d’Arts de Nantes, France in 2022.

Bulloch’s multidisciplinary practice finds associations between the visual language of 20th century modernist art movements and the digital realm, encompassing a range of technologies from computer games to science-fiction narratives. Exploring the relationship between real and virtual space, the artist’s fascination with dimensionality is reflected in a new series of stack sculptures made from corian and stainless steel, a wall painting and a digital video that mirrors the exhibition, transporting the visitor out of the physical gallery space and into its virtual counterpart.