Image: Donald Judd
London  25 November 2009 - 29 January 2010

Donald Judd Progressions 1960s & 1970s

Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present Donald Judd: Progressions 1960s and 1970s, a solo show of the late American artist’s three dimensional wall mounted works…
Image: Marnie Weber
London  4 September - 4 October 2009

Marnie Weber The Truth Speakers, The Sea Of Silence

Simon Lee Gallery is proud to announce its forthcoming exhibition Marnie Weber: The Truth Speakers, The Sea of Silence. This will be the gallery’s first solo s…
Image: Sherrie Levine
London  29 May - 29 July 2009

Sherrie Levine

29th May – 31 July 2009 “I consider myself a still-life artist, with the bookplate as my subject. I want to make pictures that maintain their reference …
Image: Claudio Parmiggiani
London  29 April - 22 May 2009

Claudio Parmiggiani

Simon Lee Gallery is delighted to present a new body of work by Italian conceptual artist Claudio Parmiggiani, one of the first exhibitions of his work in the U.K. During his time at the Istituto di Belle Arti di Modena (1958-1960), Parmiggiani frequented the studio of Giorgio Morandi, whose work was to have a profound impact on him. The spirit of Marcel Duchamp and Piero Manzoni was also apparent early on in his manipulation and presentation of objects, for example the arrangement of a globe and a pickle jar containing a crumpled map in 1968. He has never allied himself with any particular group, but he shared with some of his contemporaries, such as Michelangelo Pistoletto and Giulio Paolini, a progression from conceptual works, including installations, photo-works and books, towards a use of assemblage. In 1970, he exhibited his first ‘Delocazioni’, using powder, smoke and fire to make shadows and imprints on paper and board, combined with the subtle interplay of the architecture of the space created a sense of absence and uncertainty. The spirit of these early installations were to form the backbone of Parmiggiani’s practice.

Image: Merlin Carpenter
London  1 April 2009

Merlin Carpenter The Opening

Simon Lee Gallery is proud to announce Merlin Carpenter’s Intrinsic Value as its forthcoming exhibition. This marks the fifth show in a series where the artist…
Image: Jim Shaw
London  13 February - 13 March 2009

Jim Shaw The Whole: A Study In Oist Integrated Movement

13 February – 28 March 2009 Simon Lee Gallery is proud to announce its forthcoming exhibition of new work by the LA-based artist Jim Shaw. His layered practic…
Image: Hans-Peter Feldmann
London  27 November 2008 - 27 January 2009

Hans-Peter Feldmann Art Exhibition

Simon Lee Gallery is delighted to present its first solo exhibition of the German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann. His measured and witty method of assembling found objects and imagery from everyday life has extended artistic communication beyond the traditional practice. Since the 1970’s he has played an influential role for many of his peers and has been a prominent figure for a younger generation.