John M Armleder

Scrambled & Poached
London  25 June - 29 August 2008
25 JUNE - 29 AUGUST 2008 John M Armleder has played a vital role in shaping postmodern European and international art practice over the last 40 years. As a co-founder of the influential Groupe Ecart in the early 1960s he helped open up new ways of producing, exhibiting and, most importantly, experiencing contemporary art to a broad public. Armleder’s work defies easy categorisation. Despite the influence of Fluxus attitudes and the artist’s passion for the musical compositions of John Cage, Armleder’s work has always resisted the manifesto, any form of theoretical attitudes or indeed, a social or political agenda. The objects, installations, paintings, sculptures and performances created by Armleder in recent years have always been eclectic in their nature and appearance. Through playful compositions the presented objects are often completely divorced from any formal artistic concerns. The artist actively blurs the traditional notions of the support and the surface, of...
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