Marnie Weber

The Truth Speakers, The Sea Of Silence
London  4 September - 4 October 2009
Simon Lee Gallery is proud to announce its forthcoming exhibition Marnie Weber: The Truth Speakers, The Sea of Silence. This will be the gallery’s first solo show of Marnie Weber, an LA based artist and musician. This multifaceted exhibition of film, sculpture and collage will immerse the viewer in the uncanny world of Weber’s imagination. The central focus of the show will be the new film, The Sea of Silence, which marks the third chapter of The Spirit Girls films. In this modern day fable the girls play out narratives of passion and transformation in their endeavour for spiritual enlightenment. The previous films Songs that Never Die, (2005) and A Western Song, (2007) introduced The Spirit Girls, an all female band that tragically and prematurely died in the 1970s. The films follow the girls, who were rendered mute through death, in their travels through a concurrently sinister and fanciful limbo....
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