Bernard Frize

Red, Yellow And Blue
London  10 February - 24 March 2010
Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present Red, Yellow and Blue, its second show of new paintings by highly regarded French artist Bernard Frize. The title of the show, Red, Yellow and Blue is a reference to Barnett Newman’s series of four paintings entitled Who’s afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue (circa 1966). In this series Newman uses the three colours in their most basic, primary hues, and arranges colour-fields intended to immerse the viewer. Newman’s series consisted of large expanses of vibrant red would be punctuated by vertical “zips” of blue and yellow. Barnett Newman is well known for his decision to strip away much of the Modernist constructs of painting, and follow in a similar vein to fellow abstract expressionists, focusing on redefining the medium and its parameters. Bernard Frize has been influenced by Newman’s approach throughout his career. Since the 1970s, Frize has escaped traditional modes of...
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