Angela Bulloch

Discrete Manifold Whatsoever
London  13 October - 27 November 2010
Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to present our first solo collaboration with the celebrated artist Angela Bulloch. For this, her first solo exhibition in the UK since 2005, Bulloch will show an entirely new body of work that develops and de-constructs the ‘pixel box’ sculptures which have become her signature. For two decades this modular, infinitely programmable light box with a wooden case and opaque plastic screen has been one of her primary media. At once sculptural units and carriers and transmitters of data, these boxes have until now remained consistent in form. From one work to the next they zoomed on the digital image and re-visualized the cinematic. For this exhibition Bulloch turns her attention to the forms of the boxes themselves. In one work, consisting of a group of four such boxes fabricated in copper, the hard metallic sheen of the units asserts more clearly their relation to...
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