Larry Clark

What Do You Do For Fun?
London  10 February - 2 April 2011
Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to announce its forthcoming exhibition of the renowned American photographer and filmmaker Larry Clark. Larry Clark holds a seminal position in American photography. Widely known for his treatment of teenage sexuality, violence and drug use, Clark’s contentious photographs and films are simultaneously unimaginable and unforgettable. For his forthcoming exhibition, Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to present new collages as well as vintage works for the first time in the UK. Through the 1990s, Clark drew on the cinematic and narrative qualities of his photographs, to begin his shift from still images, to working in film. He started working on collages at the same time as making his first feature film, Kids (1995). The collages were in a sense story boards for the films and included newspaper clippings, found photographs, drawings and posters alongside the artist’s personal notes and photographs. It would become a practice he...
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