Kathryn Andrews, Angela Bulloch, Bernard Frize, Louise Lawler, Daido Moriyama, John Stezaker, Christopher Wool, Toby Ziegler
Hong Kong  28 May - 28 July 2016
Simon Lee Gallery Hong Kong is proud to present Fractured a selected group exhibition exploring one of modernism’s most characteristic formal strategies, the fracturing of the picture plane. Just as the Renaissance development of perspective yielded the possibility of the representation of three dimensional space in a two dimensional plane, so the modernist device of splitting the picture plane by means of formal fault lines suggested the simultaneous presentation of multiple viewpoints, and opened the door to abstraction. One hundred years after Picasso and Braque used this device for the first time as a central ingredient of the new syntax of Cubism, its significance and the range of uses to which it is put by contemporary artists is immense. This exhibition, including work by artists from the gallery alongside invited artists will explore some of those strategies. It focuses particularly on the point of slippage between figuration and abstraction, placing...
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