Michelangelo Pistoletto

London  13 September - 29 October 2011
‘A Mirror Painting is a means to orientation in the world, of encouraging conscious experience of phenomena as experienced from the first person point of view, invoking perception, thought, memory, bodily awareness and social activity. It is a work of art in the world and the world in a work of art.’ * Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present the second exhibition at the gallery of new Mirror Paintings by Michelangelo Pistoletto. In this body of work, Pistoletto highlights the world of construction: not the glossy end-product, but the process and mechanics of construction itself: the invisible workers, the drills and cranes that shift stone and earth, the temporary cordons, the dust and the rubble. He shines a spotlight on the incessant process of destruction and construction that is an inevitable by-product of any period of intense economic activity. Pistoletto gives us a partial view on this world: his...
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