Alex Hubbard

Eat Your Friends
London  2 March - 2 April 2012
Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present EAT YOUR FRIENDS, an exhibition of new videos and paintings by American artist Alex Hubbard, his first solo exhibition at the gallery. Hubbard values the materiality and tactility of every stage of the creation of his paintings and videos, rather than deriving satisfaction from their finished resolution. In a constantly shifting flat plane, building and art materials, urban detritus, and domestic items make their way into Alex Hubbard’s two new videos, EAT YOUR FRIENDS and BOTTOM OF THE TOP, and now on to his paintings too. Avoiding a single point of focus, he constructs his videos in layers, engulfing the viewer with bold colours, performative gestures and evolving, all-over compositions in which movement is multi-directional and time appears to be non-linear. Spilling, spraying, constructing, throwing, splashing and building over a flat surface, the constantly shifting camera view from upright to horizontal stymies any...
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