Heimo Zobernig

London  9 October - 9 November 2012
9 October – 24 November 2012 Simon Lee Gallery is proud to announce a solo exhibition of new work by Heimo Zobernig, the gallery’s second with the artist. The re-imagining, quotation and appropriation of languages and structures drawn from the histories of modernism has been a central and recurring strand of Zobernig’s work of the past 25 years. Moving nimbly between painting, sculpture, work in installation and video, architectural intervention and performance, Zobernig has made reference to a plethora of movements in modern art, including abstraction, constructivism, minimalism, post minimalism and conceptual art. His paintings specifically have drawn on the formal languages developed by Piet Mondrian and Blinky Palermo, Ad Reinhardt and Yves Klein, as well as the monochrome project associated with artists such as Josef Albers. The precise nature of the relationship of the works Zobernig makes to their antecedents and referents is elusive. His touch is light, poised...
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