Toby Ziegler

The Cripples - Q-park 3-9 Old Burlington Street, W1S 3AF
London  10 October 2012
Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present The Cripples, an off-site installation by British artist Toby Ziegler. Finding inspiration from repeatedly reproduced images sourced from the Internet, Ziegler’s works renegotiate one’s relationship with the imagery that constantly inundates us. His paintings and sculptures trace an analogy between erosion and reinvention, fragmentation and the whole, confronting the idea of memory in an age of digital technology, as well as – what the artist considers – the creative process of looking. For his exhibition The Cripples, a site-specific installation occurring fourteen storeys below ground in the basement level of Q-Park, Ziegler has once again turned to the Internet for readymade source material; and yet, unlike in the past, where Ziegler has transformed photographs of three-dimensional objects into sculptures, here, we find sculptures that have been imagined from a painting. Marking Ziegler’s attempt to interpret and make corporeal the five lumbering figures found...
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