Marco Brambilla: Theater

Hong Kong  9 September - 9 October 2016
Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition in Hong Kong of artist Marco Brambilla. Re-contextualizing century old histories with an array of pop cultural sources, the painterly dimensions of Brambilla's films combine cinematic techniques and technologies to challenge the standards of fine art and Hollywood. With precise technical production and seamless editing, Brambilla’s multi-layered tableaux of interconnecting images and looped video blend into expansive landscapes. The third in a trilogy of 3D videos that began with Civilization (Megaplex) (2008) and Evolution (Megaplex) (2010), Creation (Megaplex) (2016) presents a spectacular cinematic composition that culls from a vast archive of iconic Hollywood films. Within the trilogy, the artist builds three separate compositions that oscillate around the narrative unfolding in each film. In the previous chapters, Evolution (Megaplex) presents a procession of iconic film characters tracing the history of human conflict through vignettes of war and Civilization (Megaplex) presents...
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