David Ostrowski

London  28 November 2013 - 31 January 2014
Harmony Korine: What kind of kid were you? David Ostrowski: I was a real mama’s boy, a late bloomer and one of those boys, who look like girls. I had to take up painting because I was even worse at everything else. My schoolbag was pink; and even as a baby, my nose was already too big. I ate only fruit, sweets and dry bread rolls; and I didn’t “do it” until I was 31. Harmony Korine: Do you like movies? David Ostrowski: I love movies! Music sucks! Harmony Korine: What are your favorite movies? David Ostrowski: Talladega Nights, Trash Humpers, Zoolander and Irréversible. Harmony Korine: Were your parents into art? David Ostrowski: My mother is a singer and actress; my father is an artist and alcoholic. Both completely without any talent whatsoever! Harmony Korine: What did your parents do for a living? David Ostrowski: I’m still asking myself that...
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