Elective Affinities

London  11 July - 27 August 2014
Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present Elective Affinities, an exhibition which brings together a group of sculptures which share an interest in narrative and prioritise content, reference and resonance over pure form. Proposing an alternative to the drive toward abstraction and the evacuation of content, the works in this exhibition insist on their relationships to their sources and antecedents and combine physical transformation with continuity of meaning. Whether through performance or materiality, as replicas or relics, they force the recognition of the ideas and processes by which they are made. First used in the context of scientific research and classification in the late 18th century to describe dissimilar chemical substances that react with each other to form compounds only under specific physical conditions, the term Elective Affinities was adopted by Goethe as a metaphor for the laws that govern social bonds and interactions. This exhibition draws out a parallel...
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