Dexter Dalwood

London Paintings
London  18 November 2014 - 24 January 2015
Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present 'London Paintings', Dexter Dalwood's first exhibition since joining the gallery. London, as a setting and subject matter, has recurred throughout Dalwood's career. However, this recent series of works focusing on the capital presents us with an entirely new and unexpected narrative through which to view a seemingly familiar city. Specific London locations or sites are reconstructed from a collage of memory, cultural and political history and subjective association, and informed by a consideration of the painted history of the city over many years. London is the inspiration and starting point for an exercise in representation – a means to an end and a nominal reference; these are in the end paintings in themselves. The 'London Paintings' signal an exciting shift in Dalwood’s formal approach towards a more fluid, personal and interpretative working method. These paintings provoke consideration of how history is painted and...
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