Hans-Peter Feldmann

Hong Kong  24 November 2016 - 24 January 2017
Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present our second exhibition in Hong Kong of influential German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann. Characterised by its engagement with art history and vernacular imagery, Feldmann’s conceptual work has developed over more than four decades. A compulsive collector and appropriator of found images and everyday ephemera, Feldmann’s oeuvre incorporates photography, sculpture, installation, drawing and painting. With surprising humour and subtle intervention, he systematically reconstructs existing images and objects to reflect on representation and the construction of ideologies. His works often propose a gently irreverent subversion of the structures and systems of value on which the art market and the wider art world are predicated. One consistent strand of his practice has involved the appropriation and modification of historic oil paintings – most often bourgeois portraits and genre paintings of the 19th century. For this exhibition Feldmann presents a series of such paintings installed on custom made...
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