Sarah Crowner: Plastic Memory

London  13 May - 18 June 2016
Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present a new series of stitched paintings alongside a ceramic tile mural and floor installation by New York based artist Sarah Crowner, in her first solo show in the UK. Sarah Crowner draws on art, fashion, graphic design, theatre and performance to create dynamic works that recall 20th century geometric abstraction and modernism. The exhibition title Plastic Memory references a term used in ceramics to describe the visual evidence of how wet clay has been kneaded, stretched and manipulated with these traces remaining apparent or “remembered” in the material, even once the object is fired. Whilst the title clearly relates to the ceramic medium of the new wall and floor works in the exhibition, it also neatly conjures Crowner’s relationship to history, materials and the hand-made. She treats the past, the natural world and popular culture as a medium; zooming in, rotating, reversing, cropping,...
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