Screen Memory

London  10 February - 4 March 2017
Curated by Eoin Donnelly Simon Lee Gallery is delighted to announce Screen Memory, a group exhibition that reflects upon how multi-generational artists have engaged with the complex notion of collective memory. Working across painting, photography, installation and video, the artists each have very distinct approaches yet collectively reveal the paradoxical ways in which individual and shared memories are retrieved and intersect. The exhibition title Screen Memory is a Freudian term for a particular recollection that masks deeper psychologically significant memories. Within Freud’s theorem memories overlay and obscure each other, but vestiges of hidden layers rise to the top and coalesce. Here, the theory is used as a loose analogy for the ways in which shared and personal memories similarly commingle in the art object. It also refers to the kinds of flat surfaces and literal screens used within the exhibition – in this way, these screens can be seen as...
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