Garth Weiser

London  21 April - 17 June 2017
Simon Lee Gallery is delighted to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Garth Weiser, his second exhibition with the gallery and his first solo exhibition in London. Emergent images in Weiser’s abstract paintings flicker in and out of focus like analogue TV static. Ghosts of cartoon-like figures puncture the surfaces, shape-shifting as the eye is teased through dense layers of dots and drips, scumbles and scrapes, peaks and troughs. Over the last six years, Weiser has been focused on a slow excavation of form and content through a process akin to the erosion of sedimentation. His paintings are built from layering unseen paintings, each representing a different history in terms of content, forms and materiality. The textured surface is then mined at the end of this long process to reveal a dynamic, fossilised slab. The resultant vascular surfaces of the paintings trigger chromatic vibrations and optical illusions. Multiple perspectives...
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