Will Benedict: Law and Order

Hong Kong  20 January - 11 March 2017
Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present for the first time in Asia, an exhibition of new painting and video works by Paris-based American artist Will Benedict. Benedict’s layered use of media and striking compositions disrupt the usual distinctions between frame and picture, painting and reproduction and explore conditions of the image, culture and methods of interpretation. Deconstructing conventions of representation, Benedict’s work incorporates disparate elements, addressing contemporary issues but is also imbued with a sense of incongruity and ambivalence. Benedict’s videos expose contemporary journalistic forms and the visual tropes of the news media. The works utilize the languages of marketing, cinema and social media to explore the relationship between contemporary art, commercial production and advertising - a space that Benedict’s own practice frequently exploits, challenging its own commodification and the commercial media machine. With a blend of artifice and humor, Benedict’s narratives often allude to the future or a...
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