Black Feast

New York  17 March - 22 April 2017
Simon Lee Gallery New York is pleased to present Black Feast, an exhibition of works that emerge from experiences of anxiety, protest and trauma, both direct and mediated. Through a wide range of voices, the exhibition will explore parallels between disparate communities and their relationships to personal and collective trauma. The works within Black Feast showcase how an individual’s subjectivity is shaped not only in times of palpable crisis, but also amidst the unseeing violence of passive complacency. Either arising in explicit reaction or illustrative of psychological unrest, an artist’s work can carry a collective sense of emergency. The lynch fragments of Melvin Edwards and the concrete / metallic sculptures of Justin Matherly and Matias Faldbakken contain the illustrative semiology of trauma. These brutal assemblages carry with them narratives of disquiet and are at once both very specific and wide-ranging. In contrast to the abstract sculptures of Edwards, Matherly and...
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DIVA TV Screening and talk with Gregg Bordowitz, Jean Carlomusto and Nick Faust

Simon Lee Gallery, New York, 2017

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