The Leftovers

New York  3 May - 10 June 2017
The grotto is the bunker and the bunker is the grotto.” Paul Virilio, Crepuscular Dawn, 2002 Simon Lee Gallery New York is pleased to present The Leftovers, a group exhibition organized by Franklin Melendez and Romain Dauriac which explores ideas of shelter. They say planning is the best precaution and true to form the 1% are shoring up their goods with designer doomsday dugouts. It’s true—CNN reported it and Vivos xPoint, a real estate company specializing in such wares, admits that demand is on the rise. Of course, the Spartan concrete walls and canned goods of yore have been replaced by LED-powered panoramic views, underground pools and built-in custom finishes. Upon request, however, certain utilitarian details can be retained or added for dramatic effect. Many of the most sought-after specimens are housed in Soviet era bunkers and silos, and it is said that these connect to complex subterranean passages that...
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