New York  28 June - 11 August 2017

Simon Lee Gallery New York is delighted to present Metropolis, an exhibition that showcases how artists use the city as a source for materials, subjects, and ideas. The works present how artists can interpret the metropolis in multifarious forms, and illustrate the universality of the city.

The cityscape is a source of disorder, a place to play and learn; it’s a site of both creation and destruction. A warren of brick alleys and concrete streets expanding and contracting in unison, the metropolis is a living organism. A stimulant for cultural circulation, the city lends itself as a platform for the creative community. The work presented within this exhibition displays how the urban environment affects and is influenced by the artists residing inside.

“Manhattanism is the one urbanistic ideology that has fed, from its conception, on the splendors and miseries of the metropolitan condition—hyper-density—without once losing faith in it as the basis for a desirable modern culture. Manhattan's architecture is a paradigm for the exploitation of congestion.”

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