Sherrie Levine

Hong Kong  15 May - 25 June 2012
Simon Lee Gallery Hong Kong is proud to announce its inaugural exhibition, a solo presentation of work by American artist Sherrie Levine. Sherrie Levine is at the forefront of a generation of artists that became identified during the 1970s and 1980s with the term ‘postmodernism’. Employing a diverse scope of media and materials, she has consistently eschewed the modernist prioritisation of authenticity and originality in favour of repetition, reference and seriality. Levine’s interrogation into notions of authenticity has always been both highly complex and conceptually driven. Her works range from replications of early photographs to readymades to the creation of three-dimensional objects from two dimensional sources, and each serves to undermine Walter Benjamin’s contention that mechanical reproduction poses an obstruction to the auratic presence of a work of art. For her exhibition at Simon Lee Gallery Hong Kong, Levine continues her conceptual act of quotation. The four, cast bronze javelina...
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