Matias Faldbakken

Hong Kong  6 October - 17 November 2012
Simon Lee Gallery Hong Kong is proud to present an exhibition of new work by renowned Norwegian artist and writer Matias Faldbakken. In his practice as an artist, Matias Faldbakken often displaces and reconfigures mass-produced functional objects with a specific cultural significance, using the most minimal means of intervention possible to develop what could be termed a kind of agitated idleness. Garbage bags, Jerry cans, Lockers, tiles, televisions, paper, posters, books, magazines, chrome spray, electrical tape, nails, lever straps, angle grinders and metal bindings are some of the materials he uses to draw, crunch, screw, spray, compress and invert, in a variety of apparently vandalistic gestures, interrupting any habitual approach to reading and interpreting the object. In Faldbakken’s words, “(in my practice) a ‘parody’ of the formal is never far the same time the insistence on the physical presence of the work...and the possibility of its aesthetic precision, might...
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