In Lines And Realignments

Hong Kong  4 July - 26 September 2013
In Lines and Realignments is an exhibition taking place across both Simon Lee spaces, in London and in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong part of the exhibition brings together new works by Carla Zaccagnini and André Komatsu along with documentation of a work by Brazilian conceptual artist Cildo Meireles. The exhibition's starting point is Meireles' work O Sermão da Montanha: Fiat Lux (The Sermon on the Mount: Let There Be Light), which took place in Rio de Janeiro in 1979 as a twenty-four hour performance event. This piece consists of a mirrored basement room with a floor covered in sandpaper, on the sandpaper sits a pile of 126,000 matchboxes watched over by a group of security guards. On the surfaces of the mirrors are phrases taken from the Sermon on the Mount, as described in the Gospel of Matthew. The work lies somewhere between a sculpture and a performance, its...
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