Clare Woods: Between These Words

Hong Kong  16 September - 29 October 2022
Woods’ still life and figurative paintings are unmistakably rooted in real space and time but abstracted in their simultaneous deconstruction and reconstruction of form by obscuring a clear view of what is presented by defamiliarising and estranging it through emotive mark making.
Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to present Between These Words, an exhibition of new works by Clare Woods. For the artist’s second solo show in Hong Kong and sixth exhibition with the gallery, Woods presents a series of paintings that explore the polarity of opposites and embrace desire as the ultimate space of the expression of the human condition.
Between These Words is an exhibition about the human condition and what we are capable of. Much of Woods’ recent practice is concerned with fragility and vulnerability as the artist asks us to look between imagery and representation in search for hidden notions beneath the ambiguous surface.
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