Toby Ziegler

Hong Kong  14 May - 1 July 2014
Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present new works by British artist Toby Ziegler (b.1972), the artist’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Ziegler’s practice alludes to the degeneration of images and artefacts through processes of technological reproduction and physical erosion. The works occupy and explore the field between formal composition and its collapse, where shapes and patterns are disturbed by gestural smudges and sprays. Confronting the idea of memory in an age of digital technology, Ziegler’s practice is rooted in art historical representations that have been manipulated and re-interpreted. His new body of work is concerned with the relationship between control and abandon, subjecting images to a process of obliteration, in which representational pictorial information gives way to new abstract forms. Working from Gainsborough source images, the exhibition includes five paintings. Of these there are two pairs of paintings which, through a process of figurative and abstract experimentation, offer...
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