Valentina Liernur: Juro Que

Hong Kong  25 June - 7 August 2021
While the paintings in the show borrow from the language of figuration and portraiture, for Liernur the true subject of her work is the paint she uses rather than the image she creates.

‘Liernur is something like a contemporary flâneuse, carefully observing women [in her work]. Motivated by the pleasure that comes with concealing one’s identity as a painter, Liernur’s observational processes become both sly and sneaky’ – Ana Vogelfang, Texte Zur Kunst.

Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by the Argentinian artist Valentina Liernur. The exhibition is the artist’s debut show with the gallery and marks the first time her work has been presented in Asia. 

Liernur’s practice is rooted in an ongoing exploration of the ways in which material can be rendered in the pursuit of painting. Often working in groups of work defined by a single medium, Liernur considers the physical qualities and mark-making capacity of oil paint on canvas in the same way she engages with less conventional materials such as denim and gabardine in other series. Shifting between abstraction and figuration, and often encouraging tensions and slippages to emerge between these modes of painting, Liernur seeks to manipulate and enhance the materiality of her chosen medium, embedding each work with a distinct, visceral quality.

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