Mai-Thu Perret

Slow Wave
Hong Kong  10 July - 19 August 2014
Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present “Slow Wave”- Mai-Thu Perret’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Perret is known for her multidisciplinary, installation-based practice that combines feminist politics with literary texts, homemade crafts and 20th century avant-garde aesthetics. Primary inspiration for Perret's work stems from her fictional narrative The Crystal Frontier, which the artist has been writing since 1999. This ongoing story follows a group of women who, in attempt to escape capitalism and patriarchal convention, form a commune called New Ponderosa Year Zero in the remote desert of South western New Mexico. The language of feminism is only one of numerous voices Perret invokes within her body of work. Constructivism, Marxism, theater, Bauhaus design, nature, the occult, Eastern religions, Art Nouveau, and geometric abstraction are among the diverse subjects that are referenced. Her continually expanding narrative and installations generate a space for Perret to engage these different histories...
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